Lennox Lewis's Great 5: The Battle of Britain

Lennox Lewis's Great 5: The Battle of Britain

The knockout success in the Battle of Britain vs. Frank Bruno

Lennon Lewis has had a number of memorable fights in his rich career. The British boxer from the end of the last century and the beginning of the current one is one of the most memorable competitors in the heavyweight division. And not just because of his 41 wins from 44 professional bouts, but also because of the style, dominance against tough opponents and charisma that the London-born fighter possesses. In a series of articles, we tell you about his five best games in the pros. We have already recalled the fights with Mike Tyson, the first meeting with Evander Holyfield, as well as the redemption against Hasim Rahman. In fourth position comes an earlier clash between Lewis and fellow countryman Frank Bruno.

The Battle of Britain, as this match is known, took place on 1 October 1993 at the Cardiff Arms Park in the Welsh capital. In it, "The Lion", as Lewis is nicknamed, must make a second defense of his World Boxing Council title against the boxer, who is ranked fifth in the three world organizations. After two failed attempts, Bruno tried for the third time to reach the championship belt in the division.

After successfully defending his title against Tony Tucker, Lewis enters the bout with 23 wins from 23 fights in the professional ring, 19 of which have come by way of knockout. The "True Briton", as Frank is nicknamed, has a little more experience - 36 wins, 35 of them by knockout, and only 3 losses. Shorter by 5 centimeters but heavier by 4 kilograms, the challenger is determined to not only make it difficult for Lennox, but also to inflict his first professional loss.

A more cautious start from Bruno leads to victory for Lewis in the first part. Round number two starts more aggressively for the contender for the distinction, who manages to score quite a few points with his left straight. In the third part, Lennox was even shaken, although later the champion shared that this blow did not hurt him, but made him more concentrated in his work.

This is evident from the events of the next three minutes, as well as round number five. After the sixth part, however, we have a tie score in the cards of two of the judges, and the third gives an advance of 4 points in favor of Frank Bruno. At the start of the next round, the challenger starts with a nice left straight and an excellent strong series of short jabs. However, the champion's answer was not long in coming. A great left hook rocks Bruno, followed by a very serious series of blows to his head. There is even a warning from referee Mikey Vann, but seconds after that, Frank receives a few more punches without having a chance to defend himself. One minute and 12 seconds before the final gong of the seventh part, Van stopped the match and awarded the victory to Lennox Lewis.

Another knockout victory, albeit a technical one, marks the second consecutive successful defense of the world title by "The Lion". Lewis admits he had problems and Bruno did his homework, but he forgot about his incredible left hook that secured the victory in the fight. Another failure for Frank led his manager Mikey Duff to share that his weak chin was the main reason he could not reach a title in the division.

Despite his serious backlog and one of the toughest opponents he could face, Lennox Lewis remains undefeated in his 24th fight in the professional ring. "The Lion" wins the "Battle of Britain" and begins to become a fan favorite in his homeland.