Europe's Gambling Paradise: The Five Biggest Casinos on the Old Continent

Europe's Gambling Paradise: The Five Biggest Casinos on the Old Continent

Love casinos? Do you also like to travel? Then there aren't many better ideas for you than combining your two favorite activities. Of course everything in travel depends on funding and free time. But what's better than going on a trip and coming home with more money? If you dream of doing it, these are the 5 biggest casinos in Europe that await you.

5. Casino Barriere, Paris

To begin with, we will tell you that the location of this beauty is not exactly in Paris. But you will still be just over 10 km away. from the center of the French capital. An incredible place next to one of the most beautiful lakes in France. Established in 1901 and has gone through many, many changes. After all, we are talking about a casino that is connected to a theater... Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots and many other games. You can try your luck in every way, and then relax at one of the nearby spas.

4. Empire Casino, London

Can you imagine that this masterpiece was created in 1884? In Britain, traditions are valued. And this casino is located in the heart of London. You could easily spend 24/7 of your time in it because there is so much to try. After all, we are talking about more than 50 thousand square meters of gambling paradise.

3. Resorts World (Resorts World), Birmingham

A while ago we said that in Great Britain they bet on traditions. But in Birmingham they also bet on the new one, which they have spread over 60,000 square meters. The English have invested over 150 million pounds in its construction, and it has been operating for only a few years. It is clear that there is a lot to play in the casino. Hopefully one day you'll make it to the VIP rooms where you'll experience phenomenal dinners. Not that we were in them…

2. Monte Carlo Casino, Monte Carlo

Here we give the floor to history and classics. It's amazing how the principality goes from a city with incredibly beautiful streets to a Formula 1 track. It's also amazing what a casino it has. Since 1863 at that. You know the James Bond movies and Danny Ocean's gang, right? Scenes of them were filmed in the Monte Carlo Casino. There is a lot of space, because its total area is 108 thousand square meters.

1. Casino Estoril, Lisbon

You are probably surprised that the first place in the ranking belongs to Portugal. The beginning of the champion was set in 1916 at a modest 18 km. from the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The then president Dr. Bernardino Machado personally laid the first stone in its construction. It has one of the most famous poker rooms in the world, 10 bars, several restaurants. Well worth a visit…