Deontay Wilder's Big 5: World Title 'Bronze'

Deontay Wilder's Big 5: World Title 'Bronze'

The date is January 17, 2015. The state is one of the most suitable for such a case - Nevada. After nearly 7 years in professional boxing, Deontay Wilder is finally getting a well-deserved chance to fight for a world title. No one has a different opinion. The Bronze Bomber has perfect stats. He played 32 matches, winning every one of them. Neither encounter comes close to its full format.

In the US, they are asking themselves a fundamental question. How good is Diontaeus really? Is he able to carry over his successes when it comes to the top of the world? The Americans haven't had a world heavyweight champion since Shannon Briggs in 2006.

The fight against Burmaine Stiverne will provide a large part of the answers. The Haitian-born boxer with a Canadian passport defeated Chris Arreola a few months ago to claim the WBC championship belt. Burmaine has 1 loss in 26 professional matches. Stiverne is an excellent boxer, but is he better than Wilder?

The match perfectly encapsulates the word "unique" for Deontay's career. For the first time, someone is protected from the knockout abilities of the "bronze". Another one of the questions surrounding Wilder's qualities has been resolved. Obviously, he is capable of doing well tactically long battles and has enough stamina. The judge's vote is final. After 119-108, 118-109 and 120-107, for the first time in his career, the "Bronze Bomber" is the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.