Deontay Wilder's Big 5: The First 'Cuban Affair'

Deontay Wilder's Big 5: The First 'Cuban Affair'

As of 2018, there aren't many arguments Deontay Wilder's critics can make against him. His statistics are literally perfect, and in a remarkable 39 games. The "Bronze Bomber" has already established himself as one of the best knockouts in the heavyweight division, and his opponents have a hard time getting past the opening rounds. Wilder has been world champion for 3 years now, and in his last defense he knocked out Burmaine Stiverne in the first round.

Despite all these achievements, there are always critics. They are of the opinion that Deontay has yet to face any of the best in the division. However, that changes when it comes time to face Luis Ortiz. The Cuban is undefeated among professionals in 30 fights. He gets a well-deserved chance to fight for the world title in one of the most beautiful American halls - Barclays Center in New York.

The match turns into a real classic and a serious test of the qualities of the "bronze". The effort of both of them to knock out the opponent is noticeable all the time. Diontaeus was the first to approach it. In the 5th round Ortiz is on the ground and according to many that is the end. Nothing of the kind. Lewis stands up and even manages to stabilize his performance. In the 7th round, the Cuban himself looks very close to success, but Wilder overcomes the crisis, although he is on the ropes.

In the 10th round, it all ends. The "Bronze Bomber" shows that he has golden hands. The power of the American literally brings his opponent to his knees. Ortiz stands up. A beautiful uppercut takes him down for the 3rd and final time in the fight. Deontay Wilder retains his world heavyweight title. The American looks better than ever.