Giannis Antetokounmpo's Best Five Games of the NBA Playoffs

Giannis' best five games Antetokounmpo in the NBA playoffs

The Greek freak has already shown what he is capable of, and the future is ahead of him

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most impressive players in the current history of the National Basketball Association. The heavyweight wing of the Milwaukee Bucks has been shining with his scoring ability, his leadership qualities and his physicality for more than 10 years. In his career, he won twice the most valuable award in the regular season, namely the MVP award, and in 2021 he lifted the title and was named MVP in the final series with the Phoenix Suns. But what are the most memorable moments for the "Greek Freak" from all his playoff appearances? In the following lines, we will recall the top 5 of them.

Let's go back just a few years to 2019, when the Bucks played the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Voted MVP of the regular season, Giannis is riding on the wings of inspiration and wants to help his people do something big. After three games, Milwaukee leads 2-1 against the Celtics, but it's time for Giannis to shine. A double-double of 39 points and 16 rebounds helped lead to a 113:101 victory, which was largely due to the players coming off the bench. History then saw that despite losing the first game of the series, Milwaukee won 4 in a row to secure matchups with the eventual champion Toronto Raptors.

Giannis's fourth best game came in the finals last season 20/21. It's clear that Antetokounmpo will be a leading figure for Milwaukee, whether the Stags win the title or not. However, in match number two, the "Greek freak" emphasizes his dominance. With 42 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks in 40 minutes on the floor, Antetokounmpo is showing that there is no stopping him. Despite these impressive indicators and a double-double on the account of the heavy wing, Milwaukee lost the game with 108:118 and already trailed by 0:2 in the series. However, this is only the beginning of the spectacular final clashes.

Janis is great and will yet write more famous pages in his history. That's more than certain, and game number 3 of the first round of the East playoffs in 2020 suggests that the Greek basketball player is in a league of his own. After managing to level the series, Milwaukee wants to win its first home game against the Orlando Magic, and this is happening thanks to Antetokounmpo, who shines with his consecutive double-doubles - 35 points and 11 rebounds. And in the field goal, he converted 12 of his 14 attempts, which is more than remarkable. In addition to the points and rebounds, Yanis managed to make 7 assists, which also significantly helped the success with 121:107. In the end, the Bucks won the series with a 4-1 victory.

Number two on Antetokounmpo's greatest playoff games is Game 3 of the Finals against Phoenix in the 20/21 season. After losing the first two games in Arizona, the franchise from the state of Wisconsin must close the gap to maintain a chance for the title. And for this purpose, everyone trusts the magic of Janis. And no one was left disappointed - 41 points, 13 rebounds, 6, yes 6 steals, 13 of 17 from the free throw line and the first victory for the Bucks in the finals since 1974. Despite the problems with the knee injury, which took him out of the last two meetings in the Eastern Conference finals, the "Greek freak" flies on the floor and helps his team to success with a 20-point difference - 120:100.

Logically, number one in our ranking is the fight in which Giannis puts on the first ring. After falling behind 0-2 to the Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee managed to turn the series in its favor and in game #6 it moved to the Pfizer Forum in Wisconsin, where everyone expects the triumph of the hosts. The 26-year-old basketball player is again the star of the team and scores a remarkable 50 points, to which he adds 14 rebounds and as many as 5 umbrellas. Giannis was again impressive from the penalty line, making 17 of 19 shots. It's hard to see a performance like that in a game where your team wins the title. And only one other basketball player has had more points in a Finals game, and that was LeBron James in Game 6 in 2016. Antetokounmpo quite deservedly takes home the award for Most Valuable Player in the clashes with Phoenix, as well as the most valuable - ring number one of the possibly complete collection he is about to collect.