Deontay Wilder's Big 5: First title for "Bronze"

Deontay Wilder's Big 5: First title for "Bronze"

Deontay Wilder is one of the most exciting heavyweight names of the 21st century. And certainly one of the top 5 that attracted the most serious interest in the sport in the decade between 2010 and 2020. This was evident back in 2012, when the American still did not have a single championship belt in the heavyweight division. That's when he gets his chance to attack the top, although we're not talking about the world one just yet. On December 15, a rival for the continental belt of the Americas is on the cards in a clash with Calvin Price.

At that time, Wilder already had 25 wins from 25 professional fights. Even more impressively, The Bronze Bomber has won them all by knockout, TKO or submission. It is clear to all that the sport at that time possessed one of the most powerful knockouts. If not even the most powerful…

The opponent also impresses. Calvin Price debuted in the pro ring in 2007 and has similar stats to Wilder. His balance is perfect, only achieved in 13 matches. Knockouts at the beginning of his matches are a tradition. Many believe that the winner of the bout will be the next US heavyweight star. And they know…

Wilder's plan seems perfect. Deontay knows his opponent will be looking for an early knockout. The 201cm tall, 211cm arm span boxer controlled the first two rounds and after that it was time for his trap. A powerful right hand sends Price straight into the ropes and to the floor. Kelvin stands up and tries to find stability on his feet. The referee quite rightly judges that there is no point in continuing this fight.

Deontay Wilder wins his first championship belt. The first world title fight seems a matter of time. The meeting makes more and more analysts notice the qualities of the American. His star status in the future is predicted by many.