Over the years, Formula 1 has enjoyed serious spectator interest. To be successful, however, each world championship must offer its audience something new. So in 2003 The FIA is making a number of changes to encourage small teams and make them more competitive with the bigger ones. The goal of the organization is to increase the intrigue in the championship and to captivate an even greater number of people in front of the small screens.

One of the first changes in 2003. is related to television broadcasting. For the first time, Formula 1 broadcasts Friday practice sessions on air. In this way, the smaller teams get television time, and the viewers get an even more complete picture of the overall picture in the championship.

Against the background of the not particularly competitive environment in the last few seasons and the categorical dominance of Michael Schumacher with Ferrari in Formula 1, the FIA is also taking action to shorten the gap between the first and the last. This happens through a change in the scoring system. Thus, instead of the previous distribution for the top six (10–6–4–3–2–1), the FIA imposes a new model (10–8–6–5–4–3–2–1), in which points are awarded to the top eight.

Thus, in 2003, when Michael Schumacher won his record sixth world title, he did not do so with a crushing margin over the second in the standings – Kimi Raikkonen. Unlike last season, when the lead of the German at the top of the standings was 67 points, this time it is only 2. Juan Pablo Montoya ranked third. The constructors' world title goes to Ferrari again.

There are several interesting plots in the pilots. The one who made his debut last season for the Sauber-Felipe Massa team is leaving the team in the direction of Ferrari. With the "black horses", the Brazilian is satisfied with the role of a test pilot. The future two-time world champion Fernando Alonso makes his Formula 1 debut for the Renault team. In his first year in the world car championship, the Spaniard finished sixth after recording the first victory of his career. This is what happens in the Hungarian Grand Prix.