Joe Frazier's Great 5: The World Needed an Absolute Champion!

Joe Frazier's Great 5: The World Needed an Absolute Champion!

The success over Jimmy Ellis at a time when boxing needed a new absolute heavyweight champion

When it comes to Joe Frazier, we have to admit that the American heavyweight boxer is coming off some very important wins at the right time. This is the man who inflicts Muhammad Ali's first loss as the former number one returns to the ring after a four-year absence due to a revoked licence. This is the man who made so many plays in just 37 professional games. We can easily call "Smokin' Joe" one of the best of all time. Therefore, within five different materials, we recall his five best encounters. We started with the "match of the century", or his first meeting with Ali. And now we will continue with the match that secured him the fight with Muhammad.

For this purpose, we will go back to February 16, 1970. On that date, Joe faces WBA Championship belt holder Jimmy Ellis, and the winner will also capture Ali's vacant World Boxing Council and Ring magazine titles. One of them will become the next absolute heavyweight champion of the world. Even before the start of the match, Frazier promises to achieve a decisive victory and end the fight even before its final gong. That's exactly what happens.

In the opening part, however, it seems that Ellis has some chances, as he moves very well in the ring and manages to avoid the dangerous shots and especially the heavy left hooks of his opponent. The events are repeated in the next three minutes, but gradually "Smokin' Joe" begins to catch the rhythm of the world champion and find gaps in his good defense.

After another even bout, Frazier's left hooks began to find the mark in the fourth round. Ellis looks like the next boxer to succumb to Joe's most famous weapon. Before 12 minutes had passed, the WBA belt holder was on the ground, but managed to get to his feet as the referee counted to nine and continue his participation in the fight. The only hope is that "Smokin' Joe" makes a mistake and lands a very heavy hit that knocks him out. Yes, it looks possible even after the fourth quarter, but Ellis needs to force his opponent to seriously slow down, defend far more convincingly, and not allow so many hits that can take him down once again.

It never materialized and the world champion got off to a tragic start in the fifth round, allowing a number of straight shots from Frazier to hit the target. The contender for the three belts at stake in this match managed to dominate in a decisive manner and slowly worked his opponent's head. Seconds before the end, a powerful straight dropped Ellis for the second time. He miraculously gets to his feet after the ref makes it to nine again. Immediately after, the gong sounds to end the round.

Jimmy has the opportunity to take a breather and return to the fray, seeking the impossible. His coach, Angelo Dundee, asks him if he's okay and if he can even continue his participation. Ellis assures him that he's only been knocked down twice and feels great. However, Dundee tries to talk him out of it and ends up calling the referee over to stop the match.

The victory was in favor of Joe Frazier, who was recognized as the absolute world champion and managed to unite the three titles. Eight months later, he will have his first defense. She is against Muhammad Ali and is more than successful. However, with his dominance against Jimmy Ellis, Joe Frazier shows that another extremely high-quality boxer in top form is coming to the fore, determined to stay at the top for a while. It is for this reason that his decisive victory after five rounds is the second best match of "Smokin Joe's" career.