Poker is far from a game decided by luck alone. Skill and psychology are often far more important than the hand you've been dealt. Outsmarting your opponent and defeating him from a weaker position is the most obvious sign of mastery. Bluffs are the masterpiece of poker. And we will reveal to you some of the biggest ones in history.

Kassuf v. Mathewson

The 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event is sure to go down in history. The ultimate success and the big check went to Ki Nguyen, who may have surprised many. Also a surprise was the brilliant bluff in the earlier stage of the tournament by William Kassouf against Stacey Mathewson. The lady holds two ladies in her hand. On the table are 5, 3, 2, 8 and 10. Kassuf holds 9 and 6, which means practically nothing. But his brilliant and aggressive poker strategy brought him success. Stacey throws her winning hand on the river…

Sam Trickett

The tournament is the famous Triton Million. Late in the race, Sam Trickett played a brilliant hand. Not against one, but against two opponents. Sam holds A and J in his hand. Against him is Kenny with 8 and 6, as well as Chidwick with J and 8. It is clear that preflop Trickett is the favorite. The table shows 7, 4, 3, J and 7. But the flop still has three spaces and Chidwick holds two. His flush makes him the strongest of the three. With super moves, Trickett tricks his opponent into thinking he has a stronger flush. And he wins the hand while holding a simple pair of jacks…

Kristen Bicknell vs. Greg Cushney

The ladies also deserve a place in this ranking. Kristen Bicknell gets it. FuryTV reveals her super bluff against Greg Cushney. The main action takes place after the river. The Canadian holds the J and the 9. The Brit has the A and the 4. There are two more aces on the table, but also the 3 of diamonds. Kristen only holds one in her. Only he convinces his opponent that there are two. The Brit's 475k raise was met by a reraise to 1.6 million, and here the hand ended in Bicknell's favor.

Vanessa Selbst vs. Antonio Esfandiari

It is more than obvious that the ladies rule the bluffs. Another piece of evidence comes from Vanessa Selbst. Poker's golden queen outplays legend Antonio Esfandiari with Q and 9. The opponent has 9 and 6 of hearts, but none of his suit is among the up cards. Instead, 6, 10, 4, 3, and 2 come up. Antonio has a pair of 6s since the flop. Vanessa has nothing…but she has a good strategy. With it, she chases Esfandiari from the hand and wins a pot of over 110 thousand.

Daniel Negreanu vs. Shimoni Shlomi

Canadian legend Daniel Negreanu is among the sport's greatest. Shimoni Shlomi received another proof. The two end up at the same table, where the Israeli receives one of the favorite hands of many - a pair of kings. He has 10 against himself and 9 for the Canadian. The face-down cards on the table reveal 9, 5, 4, Q and 8. There is no possibility of a flush. Daniel's mathematical odds are 0%. The Strategic 100 %. Shlomi folds his jacks, even though he could easily win with them.