Some soccer betting strategy tips

Some soccer betting strategy tips

How are we more likely to win money betting on matches?

Many people like to bet on football matches. More and more popular are the weirder, more unusual bets that bookmakers offer us. There are also many people on social networks and on various sites who give all kinds of advice about such gambling games. There are even some who claim to be able to tell you the outcome of arranged meetings. However, the truth is that there are very few people who really know how to gamble and do it successfully. If you win even a large amount, but in a short period of time, it is most likely a pure dose of luck. But those who can make money from it consistently are aware of some tricks that we will provide you in this article.


In any type of betting this is one of the first rules and football betting is no exception. Underestimating the need for discipline can lead to serious losses. There is hardly a surer recipe for disaster than lack of discipline. And it can come when you win a few bets in a row and decide you're having a day and keep placing bets, no matter how many of them seem reasonable to you. The other option is to keep betting with the idea that the next bet will be successful and will help you break even. You have to be able to control your emotions and stick to the strategy. Only then can you succeed.

Live trading

This strategy requires a lot of energy from the players. It is a bet before the start of a match and closely following the live odds to bet on the opposite but at a better rate. Such an approach is quite often successful and can bring you quite a bit of profit. It is used by many people. An example of this is betting the sum of BGN 100 on a given match for "Over 2.5 goals in the match" at odds of 2.00. If a goal is scored in the opening 5-10 minutes of the match, as you would expect, you can bet the same amount or less on the better "Under 2.5 goals in the match" odds. We often talk about a coefficient above 2.50, which means that you can bet 75 BGN and in any event, you will be in profit. Bets on goals are the most common in live trading.

Pre-match trading

Of course, this strategy is similar to live trading. It requires monitoring the movements of the coefficients before the start of each match. Since they are usually very small, you need to have serious options and bet larger amounts to succeed and make sense of this type of game. You also need to be patient, because we are talking about tracking the bets not on the day of the match, but several days before it starts, which means that the movement can take quite a while. But what can you actually do? Choose a few teams to follow over a longer period of time and, if you notice that on the day of the match, the odds for them regularly drop, then you can bet earlier on that team to win, and shortly before the start of the meeting, to play against him. Success in this type of strategy requires very serious analysis and a stable account balance.



Double and triple bets

This strategy can be quite shaky, but not a few people swear by its success. Sometimes this is the only way to get a reasonable return. This is also the most common strategy. The reason is that a bet at odds of 1.30 does not seem very reasonable, but if at least three matches with such a rate are collected, a total odds of 2.20 is obtained, which already looks quite tempting. In one situation you risk BGN 100 to win BGN 130 and if you lose you will need at least 4 similar matches to be in profit. Otherwise, you win BGN 220, and in case of loss, you can still cash out with the next successful bet. The risk isn't quite as small as people who love this strategy claim, but it certainly seems smaller than at a single odds of 2.20. You should know that the more matches there are in your ticket, the more likely one of them will fail you. Also chances are if you play matches at different times and your first 2 or 3 go out, you close in profit and don't risk the next one or so.

Recording the results

This is a strategy that not many people use. The truth is that no more than 2% of bettors keep records of their winnings or losses. Even if it seems impossible, it is. It's a good thing to do because wins are remembered but not more important than losses. In practice, the lack of such statistics can make you think that you are a successful player, when in fact it turns out to be the opposite. If you don't believe, try it for just 4-5 days and you will be convinced of our words.

These strategies cannot guarantee that you will become a millionaire or accumulate a large amount of betting on football matches, but they can help you not lose a lot of money and even win something, so if you have the opportunity, choose one or more of them and follow them.