Portland's Unforgettable Heroes: Top 5 in Trailblazers History

Portland's Unforgettable Heroes: Top 5 in Trailblazers History

In recent years, Portland has been fighting hard to win its second NBA title. In 2019, they even reached the finals in the Western Conference, but there the Golden State Warriors did not give them a single victory. Thus, for the organization from the state of Oregon, the only championship rings remain those from 1977. As well as the disappointment of losing the finals in 90 and 92. Portland is one of those teams in the league that is capable of great results, and sometimes no one expects it from them. Here are the 5 basketball players who contributed the most to the greatness of the Trailblazers.

5. Jeff Petry

To the great regret of the basketball world, the guard's professional career lasted only 6 years. But all in Portland and all at a pretty good level when he plays. In a short period of time, he was named Rookie of the Year (1971) and made two All-Star appearances. He remains close to scoring 10,000 points for his only team, and his average is 21.8. A knee injury sidelined him from basketball a year before the 1997 title, but his influence in building the championship squad is undeniable.

4. LaMarcus Aldridge

Another basketball player who could have had a much better career if not for health issues. In 2006, Chicago selected him No. 2 in the draft and No. 1 among American basketball players. Soon after, he found himself in Portland, where he recorded a phenomenal 9 seasons. He made it to the All-Star Game in 4 of them. With him, the Trailblazers never made it past the second round of the playoffs, but would they have if it weren't for Brendan Roy's knee problems?

3. Bill Walton

1977 Finals MVP and next regular season MVP. Even just these two achievements easily send the center into our ranking. Drafted #1 in '74. Like most Portland legends, Bill has been an injury nightmare. Because of them, the organization decided to split up in 1979. A true dominant force under the basket when he plays. At the end of his career, he also won a title with the Boston Celtics.

2. Damian Lillard

Who knows… one day Dame might even reach the top spot. Currently one of the best basketball players in the NBA. Serving Ripcity faithfully for 10 seasons now. Giving his all. The man for the big moments and the decisive baskets. Amazing scorer with 19 points per game already in his rookie season. During the 19/20 campaign, this indicator reached 30. A loyal leader off the court as well. You can bet every NBA team wants Dame on their roster. But he still serves Portland faithfully. Unfortunately, now without his favorite teammate – CJ McCullum.

1. Clyde Drexler

Only one Portland basketball player may be greater than Lillard. For now… And this is Clyde! Gave the Trailblazers almost 12 seasons of his career. Made the playoffs in all 11 opportunities. During that span, Drexler was selected to 8 All-Star Games. In 90 and 92, he led his team to the NBA Finals. Portland lost to Detroit and Chicago back-to-back. Previously, Kobe Bryant was considered the second best scorer among guards after Michael Jordan. In 1995, he won a well-deserved championship ring in Houston. But Portland will always be the city he played the hardest for…

Other Deserving Names: CJ McCullum, Terry Porter, Maurice Lucas, Clifford Robinson